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Doctor Loses Wife

Loses Wife from Car, Drives on

From the McLouth Times, June 27, 1929

Dr. Cain is the recipient of many ha, ha's from his neighbors and townsmen these days, who were let in on a rich joke on him — fortunately not a serious joke.

He and Mrs. Cain were en route to Lawrence in a two seated car, the wife in the rear. To make a turn at a corner and avoid an obstruction the doctor swerved the car rather sharply. Mrs. Cain, being drowsy, lurched sideways and tumbled out the door, which was not well fastened. As she fell she called out to her husband, but he thought she was just chiding him for the quick turn and drove on without seeing what had happened. After a time — some folks say it was two miles down the road, doc may have to prove it was less — he heard the car door slam shut and turned, to discover his wife missing. Nor could he see her on the ground or in the ditch or down the road. Thoroughly alarmed, he turned the car around and drove back, at length meeting Mrs. Cain who was pursuing her fleeing husband, as best she might, shaken up and bruised as she was. What happened when she got him home closer to the rolling pin affiant sayeth not.

Photo above: McLouth physician Dr. Milton Cain mixing liquid medicine (courtesy of Jefferson County Historical Society).

This story appeared in "Yesteryears" in October 1996.



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