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Founded 1881

Pictured: from the JCHS archives: Train Depot in McLouth, Kansas date unknown


"This is a pleasant and thriving little village, situated on the line of the Leavenworth, Topeka & Southwestern Railroad, and not far from the eastern boundary of the county. Its location is an excellent one, being in the midst of a thickly settled and wealthy farming region.

The town was founded in 1881, and was so named from the original owner of the land, and who still owns a portion of the town site. Though so new, it already has a large country trade. Nearly all branches of trade are represented by the business houses, and there are already good grain shipping facilities. The population numbers about one hundred."

Kansas Collection Books, History of the State of Kansas, by William G. Cutler; original pub. 1883

Annual McLouth Threshing Bee

In rural communities, threshing bees provided a way for farmers to band together and help each other at harvest time.


The McLouth Threshing Bee was started in the 1950's by Slim Watson and still continues today, making it one of the longest-running threshing bees in the country. 

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Pictured, left: from the JCHS archives: McLouth Threshing Bee, unknown subjects or date.

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