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28. Nincehelser House Front.jpg
29. Nincehelser House NE corner.jpg

Entrepreneur William J. Nincehelser moved to Jefferson County from Ohio about 1880.  He married Winnie Wendorff and they raised four daughters in this house in Oskaloosa's square.  He also operated a hack service to take passengers back and forth to the two train depots located a mile or so outside of town.  All four of the Nincehelser daughters were college educated and became school teachers. Only one married and the other lived their entire lives in this house. The house and most of its contents were moved to Old Jefferson Town in 1980 after daughter, Nell, died.  It has been restored to its turn of the twentieth century elegance and is the home of family memorabilia and photographs.

19. Nincehelser House Parlor.jpg
27. Nincehelser House Front Door Window
18. Nincehelser House Frontt Sitting Roo
30. Nincehelser House NW corner.jpg
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15. Nincehelser Bedroom 4 Writing Desk 2
13. Nincehelser Bedroom 4 Dresser 2.jpg
20. Nincehelser House Parlor 2.jpg
22. Nincelhelser House Sewing Room Buffe
16. Nincehelser Dining Room.jpg
25. Nincehelser House Washroom.jpg
21. Nincelhelser House Sewing Room.jpg



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