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Land Sales at Osawkee

From the Prairie City Freeman’s Champion, August 13, 1857

(Prairie City was an early town about a mile west of present-day Baldwin City, Kansas.)

The rush to Osawkee for the past week or so, has exceeded anything of the kind that ever occurred in the country — almost excelling California. The scene at Osawkee beggars description — resembling another Saturnalia or Pandemonium. Drinking, gambling and spreeing are the order of the day and night. Still we have heard of no serious difficulties and presume that everything is going on “as well as might be expected.” Most of the settlers, we are glad to learn, have secured their claims, which we hope they will go to work improving at once. The sales will probably continue some two or three weeks longer.

Photo above: First cabin at Osawkee, KS, used at land sales in 1857 as land office (courtesy of Jefferson County Historical Society).

This story appeared in “Yesteryears” in October 2002.

Clipping from the Prairie City Freeman’s Champion, August 13, 1857



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