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On November 7, 2021 Jim Ralston presented information about the early people of the territory that  is now known as Jefferson County.  Please follow the link to hear the presentation in it's entirety.

Early History of Chief White Plume and the Kaw People 


Jim Ralston

Avocational Anthropologist, Historian, Archaeologist

In an earlier phase of life, Jim was a scientist that conducted research on a variety of topics, including neuroscience, speech perception, and marine mammals. 

Over the last 25 years, he has developed software, systems, and processes for several companies, including Sprint, Bank of America, General Electric, and Swiss Re. He currently helps develop new products and systems related to emerging technologies in the telecomm field. 


Jim has a handful of patents, most related to virtual and augmented reality. He became interested in the history of our area about 10 years ago and had the good fortune to meet Dr. Lauren Ritterbush, and anthropologist at KSU, with whom he has collaborated on most of his anthropological research. 

Jim and his wife Sherry live in Lenexa KS, and they are the proud parents of three adult children.



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